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or me-too  (mē′to͞o′)
adj. Informal
Using principles, practices, or designs copied from and closely similar to those of a rival.

me′-too′er n.
me′-too′ism n.
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MeToo movements have sprung up from Afghanistan to Vietnam, and spawned splinter movements such as #ChurchToo and #MeTooMilitary.
Enough is enough with the MeToo lot" - TV's Anne Robinson on the sexual harassment furore.
New York Times writer Bari Weiss later penned an opinion piece calling the Ansari article "arguably the worst thing that has happened to the MeToo movement since it began.
Actresses flirt to get a role then say they have been harassed BRIGITTE BARDOT slams the # metoo movement
MeToo is a new whitening line which includes both chairside whitening treatment and take- home packages.
Khan said that as a member of PPMA Family MNC's should behave like Elder Brothers and should not HARM their younger brothers by manufacturing Metoo products.
FORMER Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe has accused the anti-sexual harassment movement MeToo of trying to destroy men.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS: APED FISH SOH JUTE ACME ADO ARAB REASONED RELATE RSI TOAST LYLE VANESSA SAID EGO STUCK LAG TEEM TANNERY OSLO METOO ASA SWITCH BLANTYRE SHOE ION EBAY EARN BUT PETE SINS WEE THINKER Across: 1 Coma; 4 Melee; 7 Lasso; 8 Erode; 9 Norse; 10 Illiterate; 14 Oddest; 16 Arnold; 17 Tickety-boo; 22 Inane; 23 Alibi; 25 Rover; 26 Emits; 27 Inch Down: 1 Creditor; 2 Moo; 3 Astir; 4 Monitor; 5 Lyre; 6 Ever; 7 Left; 11 Lady; 12 Tomb; 13 Admonish; 15 Spiders; 18 Knave; 19 Tear; 20 Vice; 21 Rani; 24 Ian.
MeToo started trending on social media on Sunday across the globe after American actor Alyssa Milano asked women to write MeToo as their status if they had ever been harassed, to show people the magnitude of the problem.
On her Twitter account, Upton also used the MeToo hashtag to show support for the movement.
He quipped to a reporter after shaking her hand Wednesday outside a Philadelphia restaurant: "Please don't put me on MeToo.
Twitter user Leann wrote, "Seems to me the MeToo movement throws them all in one soup together, which is wrong.