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entablature of a Doric
order building
A. triglyph
B. metope


n. Architecture
Any of the spaces between two triglyphs on a Doric frieze.

[Greek metopē : meta, between; see meta- + opē, opening; see okw- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈmɛtəʊp; ˈmɛtəpɪ)
(Architecture) architect a square space between two triglyphs in a Doric frieze
[C16: via Latin from Greek metopē, from meta between + opē one of the holes for the beam-ends]


(ˈmɛt əˌpi, ˈmɛt oʊp)

one of the square spaces, often decorated, between the triglyphs in a Doric frieze.
[1555–65; < Greek metópē]
References in classic literature ?
Their punishment by Heracles is represented on one of the earlier metopes from Selinus.
Metope (~frons) heptagonal in frontal view, slightly convex, sharply widest near antennae, abruptly narrowed above compound eyes, with distinct median carina, sublateral carinae absent.
Hecabe es hija del frigio Dimante y de Metope o Evangora o Galucipe se convierte en la segunda esposa de Priamo rey de Troya, madre de diecinueve o veinte hijos (Hector, Paris, Creusa, Laodice, Polixena Casandra, Deifobo, Heleno, Pamon, Polites, Antifo, Hiponoo, Polidoro y Troilo).
The metope from the temple at Thermon in Aetolia, dated to c.
Metope wide, flat, joint with coryphe at obtuse angle (in lateral view), with median carina running through post- and anteclypeus and sublateral carinae (Figs 2, 3, 11).
The fragments of his that most inspire me are his reclining "Ilissos" from the west pediment, his metope #27, and west frieze slab VIH.
Meanwhile, metope will not touch dirt after painting with coatings of the bionic lotus leaf.
Most interesting is her analysis of the dynamic compositions and how both metope and pediment figures broke quite daringly beyond their respective frames.
A Gorgon decorates one metope or relief, and sphinxes may have crouched on the roof as akroteria.
The Lion: In the first metope, Heracles dominates the lion by gripping it around the neck, choking, and killing it.
From the Southern Metope, showing a battle between a Centaur and a Lapith, the heads of each left in Athens, but the torsos displayed in the BM.
again, when in the figure of the fighting metope I saw the muscle