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a. metria, infl. del útero durante el puerperio.
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The Metria IH1 was the primary assessment tool utilized during this study.
In the current text, 'morphometry' is used whenever a ruler is used to measure lengths (distances) (from the Greek morphe, 'shape, form,' and metria, 'measurement).
In a study with teachers who underwent the Functional Vocal Exercises program, which can be used for vocal warm-up, the effects of the program were analyzed through vocal auditory-perceptual evaluation (RASAT scale), through variability of the fundamental frequency of the acoustic analysis (Vox Metria software), the collection of aerodynamic measures, pre and postprogram application, and through vocal self-evaluation questionnaire.
Evaluacion de la investigacion cientifica: un enfoque desde la metria de la informacion.
A avaliacao consistia de audio metria tonal, sendo que as frequencias consideradas nesse estudo foram: 250, 500, 1.
In the lifestyle monitoring space, Vancive Medical Technologies had their Metria system on display.
Technologies such as BodyGuardian Remote Monitoring System, or Metria Wearable Technology, IPCS, or BodyTel are setting the stage to seamlessly deliver patient data to doctors.
Health Data and Heartbeats from Avery Medical Vancive - Having worn and tested out the Metria IH1 device, which gave them data on their calories burned, activity level and sleep activity, the ladies are ready to try the next level of the data collecting device, the Metria IH2.
The term optometry comes from the Greek words optos, meaning eye or vision, and metria, meaning measurement.
Essas relacoes dependentes da massa corporal sao denominadas alometricas (alo = diferente, metria = medida) e descritas como funcao exponencial da massa corporal, pois a conexao entre um carater organico e o tamanho corporal nao e linear (SCHIMIDT-NIELSEN, 1984).
A isometria (iso quer dizer igual, mesmo; metria esta relacionada a medida) tem por caracteristica principal manter invariantes as medidas e portando, a forma das figuras, sendo que as medidas e os angulos sao preservados.