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1. Of, relating to, or composed in poetic meter: metrical verse; five metrical units in a line.
2. Relating to measurement.

[Middle English, from Latin metricus, from Greek metrikos, from metron, measure, poetic meter; see mē- in Indo-European roots.]

met′ri·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.metrically - with regard to metermetrically - with regard to meter; "metrically, these poems are matched"
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The metrical structure of each stanza is elaborate (differing in different poems), but metrically all the strophes and antistrophes in any given poem must be exactly identical with each other and different from the epodes.
The cadences of the tristubh (eleven-syllable verse) and jagati (twelve-syllable verse) are metrically the most regular features in the Rigveda.
Metrically, the sequence recedes; grammatically, it strains the other way: the demonstrative advances the creed ("teach me this"); the creed proffers a future ("that life shall live"); "live" advances that future toward a fleeting eternity ("for evermore").
In 2014 he was metrically recognized as one of top ten most influential fitness experts on the web by Dr.
He's better in the collection's older poems, which are more visually, metrically, and thematically bold.
This change might indicate that Calvesi became more metrically secure, or perhaps Salieri's willingness to experiment with polyrhythms.
Data and control coupling analysis where predicted system behavior is metrically compared to actual system behavior up to Level A where object code is examined.
For those metrically minded, it's about eight kilos gone, with another four or five to go if I can manage it.
1 miles, for those of you who are metrically challenged.
Within the shared, metrically identical constraints of the so-called iambic verse, Russian iambs show rhythmic alleviation [nonstress] on metrically strong syllables (on average three stresses per tetrameter).
We then metrically analysed various basicranial and pelvic bones, chosen because they are compact and if not less likely than long bones to shrink, certainly less likely to become deformed (e.
For the metrically challenged, that means it will bring about 8 gallons of water to a boil using just about 2.