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Importantly, the altitude of planes is measured using feet (that is, in Australia, and many other countries, although European countries have been metricated for so long that they use only metres for altitude).
Tenders are invited for Metricated Hex Head Gear Case Mounting Bolt With 2 Nos Spring Washer For 253 Bx / 4601 Az Traction Motor As Per Tpkr Carshed Drg.
On the one hand, Alexy explicitly rejects the notion that "balancing leads in a rational way to one outcome in every case," (231) because balancing's component considerations "cannot be metricated [that is, quantified] in a way which leads to an intersubjectively binding calculation of the result.
Traditionally expressed as foot pounds in the United States, in Africa muzzle energy is usually metricated to kilojoules.