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 (mē′trə-rā′jē-ə, -jə)
Bleeding from the uterus not associated with menstruation.

me′tror·rha′gic (-rā′jĭk) adj.


(ˌmiːtrɔːˈreɪdʒɪə; ˌmɛt-)
(Pathology) abnormal bleeding from the uterus
[C19 NL, from Gk, mētra womb + -rraghia a breaking forth]


(ˌmi trəˈreɪ dʒi ə, -dʒə, ˌmɛ-)

nonmenstrual discharge of blood from the uterus; uterine hemorrhage.
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Noun1.metrorrhagia - bleeding from the uterus that is not due to menstruationmetrorrhagia - bleeding from the uterus that is not due to menstruation; usually indicative of disease (as cervical cancer)
bleeding, haemorrhage, hemorrhage - the flow of blood from a ruptured blood vessel
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Abnormal bleeding, including menorrhagia and metrorrhagia, occurs in 30% of women with fibroids.
Metrorrhagia and pain during coition may also indicate a need for Hydrastis.
In an uncontrolled study, Vitex reduced elevated prolactin levels in 80% of 34 women with hyperprolactinemia at a dosage of 30-40 mg per day for one month and improved symptoms of a variety of menstrual disorders including secondary amenorrhea, cystic hyperplasia of the endometrium, deficient corpus luteum function, metrorrhagia, polymenorrhea and oligomenorrhea (Bone 2003).
Especially if metrorrhagia is noted, an endometrial biopsy is performed at the completion of the procedure.
Endometrial polyps were diagnosed by diagnostic hysteroscopy, and AUB was defined as menorrhagia, metrorrhagia or intermenstrual bleeding.
The clinical response was evaluated from the vaginal bleeding pattern after the first four cycles of therapy and classified as a (i) "response", if the subject had normal uterine bleeding or mildly symptomatic with an episode of irregular bleeding, or (ii) "no response" if the subject still had abnormal uterine bleeding, either menorrhagia or metrorrhagia, or in the last case (iii) "undefined" if the subject entered in menopause.
In the acne trials: metrorrhagia, flu syndrome, menorrhagia, gastroenteritis, tooth disorder, infection, vomiting, pharyngitis, sore throat, arthralgia, bronchitis, rhinitis, amenorrhea, and urine abnormality.