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A curved steel blade, often with a vertical handle at each end, used to chop food.

[Italian, crescent, mezzaluna : mezza, feminine of mezzo, half (from Latin medius; see medhyo- in Indo-European roots) + luna, moon (from Latin lūna; see leuk- in Indo-European roots).]


(Cookery) a kitchen chopper shaped like a half-moon and having a handle at each end
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These include the lite bagel breakfast with the cafe's own Bailiffgate sausages, homemade creamy carrot, coriander and coconut soup, fresh Mezzalunas (roasted mixed vegetable, Northumbrian Elsdon goat's cheese with walnut pesto and side salad) and fresh crab used in salads and sandwiches.
Progressive lists mezzalunas, mortar and pestles, nutmeg grinders and rolling herb mincers among its arsenal of spice and herb tools.
The takeout menu offers items such as Pork Loin sandwiches, Albacore Tuna & Caper Salads, Spinach & Kalamata Olive Pizzas, and Applewood Smoked Bacon & Tomato Mezzalunas.