mezzanine floor

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Noun1.mezzanine floor - intermediate floor just above the ground floormezzanine floor - intermediate floor just above the ground floor
storey, floor, story, level - a structure consisting of a room or set of rooms at a single position along a vertical scale; "what level is the office on?"
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According to media reports, when the mezzanine floor collapsed, the 25-year-old worker, Veysel Teymur, became trapped between steel and concrete sections of the building.
A force spokesman said: "Emergency services were called at about 4pm to the Hilton hotel on Thomas Steers Way to a report a two-year-old boy had fallen from the mezzanine floor of the hotel into the lobby.
Gourock firm CalMac have six vessels with mezzanine floors and each will be checked as a precaution.
The fire started in the first floor and spread to the upper floors and the mezzanine floor quickly due to the wind.
A short term solution had been to pay for warehouse storage space elsewhere, but the option of installing a mezzanine floor made financial sense.
Bid bond: Applicable, Fee: QR200 Details: Contracts Department, Engineering Division, Qatar Petroleum, Fareej Bin Dirham, Al Handasa Complex, Mezzanine Floor, Room A-M03, B-Ring Road, Doha, Qatar.
The system includes lightweight raised seats and a mezzanine floor which allows hand luggage to be stored under seats.
The project in Bahrain Bay will consist of the building of two towers of commercial offices (Building A and B) each consisting of nine levels above the ground in addition to the mezzanine floor and four floors underground that can accommodate 365 plus car parking facilities.
The building has a high ceiling on the first floor, a partial mezzanine floor and a full second floor with offices.
Having installed state-of-the art baggers, check-weighers and metal detectors for packing lettuce, spinach and green salads, Langmead Farms installed a new space saving mezzanine floor to locate automatic cardboard tray erectors.
It involves 12 retail units with a total floor space of 13,377 square metres, with the mezzanine floor space occupying 50% of the ground floor area.
A mezzanine floor, constructed during the 90s when the church briefly became an auction house, has been taken down and removed, interior walls have been demolished and staircases and modern floor coverings removed.