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Any of a group of chemically and physically related aluminum silicate minerals, common in igneous and metamorphic rocks, characteristically splitting into flexible sheets used in insulation and electrical equipment.

[Latin mīca, grain (perhaps influenced by micāre, to flash).]

mi·ca′ceous (-kā′shəs) adj.
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Adj.1.micaceous - hydrous silicates of or relating to or resembling mica
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The rock, also, being micaceous slate, there was no beach, but the steep sides dipped directly beneath the water.
Leigh's products, including the bread-and-butter offerings of zinc rich primers, intermediates of micaceous iron oxide and PU-based top coats, remain popular.
Micaceous Iron Oxide: A Unique Pigment for Decorative and Protective Coatings--Michael Klinar, KMI
Santa Fe controls: (i) the Summit mine and Lordsburg mill in southwestern New Mexico; (ii) a substantial land position near the Lordsburg mill, comprising the core of the Lordsburg Mining District; and (iii) a deposit of micaceous iron oxide (MIO) in Western Arizona.
Geochemical and petrographic analyses confirm the kimberlite to be an olivine-rich, micaceous kimberlite similar to the Company's diamondiferous Seitapera Kimberlite.
The clay-slate is intersected by a vein of micaceous limestone, which first appears in the bed of the river Poe; then passing near Newtown-Stewart and crossing the Munterlowney mountains, it terminates near the village of Dunamanagh, in the northern extremity ofthe county.
Close to the contact, the fabric in micaceous rocks typically shows the development of a new crenulation cleavage overprinting the generally planar foliation, and more quartz-rich rocks display moderate to strong cataclasis with undulose extinction and bent mica grains (Fig.
The centrae are embedded in a single block of fine-grained micaceous gray-green sandstone, are semi-articulated, and occur in two biometric sets: those over 60 mm diameter and those ranging between 45 and 54.
Examples include Mikasa's Hammersmith Gold and Hammersmith Platinum patterns; their hammered look another trend in the market; Nikko's lavish Fortune pattern and its animal print designs, whose price tags hover around $300 per place setting, part of an effort by the company's new management in Japan to promote the Nikko brand and its design capability; Wedgwood's Palladium dinnerware with rose-gold striping and a micaceous sheen; and the Golden Age of Lismore collection from Waterford, which includes Lismore Lace dinnerware and gold-dipped stemware that retails for $500 per pair.
Generally, the predominant source of K in soils is considered to comprise micaceous minerals (McLean and Watson 1985; Rahmatullah and Mengel 2000).
The mineralisation is associated with quartz feldspar gneiss, amphibolite, garnet bearing amphibolite, and micaceous amphibolites.