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1. A submicroscopic aggregation of molecules, as a droplet in a colloidal system.
2. An organic particle of colloidal size found in coal.
3. A coherent strand or structure in natural or synthetic fibers.

[New Latin mīcella, from Latin mīca, grain.]

mi·cel′lar (-sĕl′ər) adj.


(mɪˈsɛl) or




(Chemistry) chem
a. a charged aggregate of molecules of colloidal size in a solution
b. any molecular aggregate of colloidal size, such as a particle found in coal
[C19: from New Latin micella, diminutive of Latin mīca crumb]
miˈcellar adj



1. an electrically charged colloidal particle formed by an aggregate of molecules.
2. an organized structural unit composed of such particles.
[1880–85; < German Micell (1877) < Latin mīc(a) crumb, grain + -ella -elle]
mi•cel′lar, adj.
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Noun1.micelle - an electrically charged particle built up from polymeric molecules or ions and occurring in certain colloidal electrolytic solutions like soaps and detergentsmicelle - an electrically charged particle built up from polymeric molecules or ions and occurring in certain colloidal electrolytic solutions like soaps and detergents
subatomic particle, particle - a body having finite mass and internal structure but negligible dimensions
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Regular makeup users resort to the double-cleanse, often involving a cleansing oil (for makeup days) or micellar water (if one has sensitive skin and doesn't want to wash too much), followed by a water-based cleanser to eradicate residue.
The micellar cleanser trend is not dying away anytime soon, so if you're looking to upgrade to something that takes off make-up while nourishing the skin (another one of those two-in-one products) then this is one to check out.
Skin care company Andalou Naturals is launching a new line of facial wipes that offers targeted skin care solutions with innovative and sustainable Micellar One Step Facial Swipes.
Purete Thermale Cleansing Micellar Solution (200ml)
cyclodextrin in capillary electrophoresis; (2) Micellar electrokinetic chromatography of the constituents in Philippine lagundi (vitex negundo) herbal products; and (3) Capillary electrophoresis of natural products: 2011-2012.
OUR love for Elemis knows no bounds so we were delighted to see they had added a micellar water to the range.
Clinique Take The Day Off Micellar Cleansing Towelettes, PS16 Pricey, but their larger size and the extra-saturated formula means they get off even waterproof mascara, without a fight.
After making a splash as a beauty newcomer, micellar water looks set to stay.
SOTHYS - SO GOOD DURING December, when we inevitably wear more make-up, micellar water comes in really useful.
In the most kinetic studies of micellar catalysed reactions in the case of substrate into the micellar phase brings pull to the micelle by the electrostatic force (Domingos et al.
To truly break down the day's dirt, swap your standard makeup remover for micellar water, a gentle liquid that cleanses and hydrates with the help of micelles Caka little baskets that trap dirt).