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n. microabsceso, absceso diminuto.
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Histological examination of the material showed myxoma cells and microabscess formation (Fig.
Pathologic examination of the removed kidney demonstrated active infection with bacteria and microabscess (Figure 3).
Pathologic differential diagnosis of clear cell squamous cell carcinoma in situ: conditions with intraepidermal Pagetoid cells Clear cell papulosis Clear cell squamous cell carcinoma in situ Clear cells of Toker (of the nipple epidermis) Extramammary Paget disease Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma Eccrine porocarcinoma Histiocytosis X (Langerhans cell histiocytosis) Langerhans cell microabscess (in cutaneous delayed hypersensitivity reactions) Malignant melanoma in situ (superficial spreading) Merkel cell carcinoma (with pagetoid intraepidermal spread) Metastasis (epidermotropic) Pagetoid dyskeratosis Paget disease (extramammary and mammary) Sebaceous carcinoma Spitz nevus (pagetoid) Table 2.