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n. microabsceso, absceso diminuto.
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2) It has been suggested that a microorganism that has not been isolated with current techniques in cultures may lead to microabscess formation of IGM.
The microscopic pathology of the pneumonia due to legionellosis is one of acute necrotizing pneumonia with coagulation necrosis, microabscess formation, and alveolar septal wall destruction that results in foci of recent alveolar hemorrhage.
Histological examination of the material showed myxoma cells and microabscess formation (Fig.
Pathologic examination of the removed kidney demonstrated active infection with bacteria and microabscess (Figure 3).
The neoplasia found is compatible with lymphoma hepatosplenic; in which distribution of neoplasia cells was demonstrated reflecting a vascular tropism and the cutaneous lesion in the forehead could be primary or secondary result of lymphosarcoma; pathology was compatible with Pautrier microabscess.
Microscopical examination show microabscess with many neutrophilous, eosonophilous in dermis papille and lymphocyte T, neutrophilous, eosinophilous infiltration.
Histology demonstrated microabscess formation at the mouth of the aneurysm, noncaseating granulomatous inflammation in the wall of the aneurysm, and numerous gram-negative bacilli within vegetations.
Eosinophils, some with microabscess formation, may infiltrate the interstitium and even blood vessel walls.
For the Liver: Microabscess caused by cholestasis, widened bile canaliculi, necrosis located in the portal area in the liver were evaluated by light microscopy.