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Noun1.microbat - typically having large ears and feeding primarily on insectsmicrobat - typically having large ears and feeding primarily on insects; worldwide in distribution
bat, chiropteran - nocturnal mouselike mammal with forelimbs modified to form membranous wings and anatomical adaptations for echolocation by which they navigate
Microchiroptera, suborder Microchiroptera - most of the bats in the world; all bats except fruit bats insectivorous bats
mouse-eared bat - a carnivorous bat with ears like a mouse
leafnose bat, leaf-nosed bat - bat having a leaflike flap at the end of the nose; especially of the families Phyllostomatidae and Rhinolophidae and Hipposideridae
vespertilian bat, vespertilionid - a variety of carnivorous bat
brown bat - any of numerous medium to small insectivorous bats found worldwide in caves and trees and buildings
freetail, freetailed bat, free-tailed bat - small swift insectivorous bat with leathery ears and a long tail; common in warm regions
mastiff bat - a soft-furred chocolate-brown bat with folded ears and small wings; often runs along the ground
true vampire bat, vampire bat - any of various tropical American bats of the family Desmodontidae that bite mammals and birds to feed on their blood
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Microbat paraphyly and the convergent evolution of a key innovation in Old World rhinolophoid microbats.
4oz) MicroBat 275 payload, which integrates day and night cameras with precise zoom.
To identify the different photoreceptor types, the researchers stained the retinas of two microbat species with opsin-specific antibodies.
Bental produces the Microbat 275 gim-balled payload for mini- and micro-drones.
While this work is priceless for data on brains of bats, and includes brain atlases of a megabat (Rousettus) and a microbat (Myotis), there have been no systematic studies on the vampire brain.
Bullen and McKenzie tested the airframes of eight microbat species in the Coolgardie Region of WA for flight performance, stability and control, and came up with a novel classification of bat flight manoeuvres.
The MicroBat uses titanium-alloy micro-electromechanical-systems wing technology to achieve flight durations of 5 to 20 sec.
From Bental in Israel comes this amazingly small gimballed camera called the Microbat 275, which is to be tested by German lightweight drone manufacturer EMT, particularly known for its Luna platforms.
Recent DNA analyses by Springer and his colleagues show that the single evolutionary lineage containing all the megabats also includes several microbat species that can echolocate.
For example, the Indicator Bats Program (iBats), which monitors bat populations globally through volunteer microbat surveys, has provided new information on the abundance and distribution of microbats worldwide (The Indicator Bats Program 2013).
Rayner of the University of Bristol in England suggests that a flying microbat saves energy by pumping out each ultrasonic pulse "on the back of" a wingbeat and a simultaneous exhalation of breath from the lungs.