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An extremely small bubble, usually only a few hundred micrometers in diameter, that can be uniformly suspended in a liquid such as blood.
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Meanwhile, another new technological innovation and began to be introduced in the fish farming business is the application of Microbubble Tecnology
The engineered CAR-T cells have mechano-sensors and genetic transducing modules that can be remotely activated by ultrasound via microbubble amplification.
Sonovue is a stabilised microbubble preparation containing sulphur hexafluoride with an average diameter of 2.
Under the company's current trial, the research team will inject a commonly used sonographic microbubble solution into the bloodstream of a patient with a malignant brain tumour.
We have developed a targeting vector which will be incorporated into a new microbubble platform developed by NuvOx and are optimistic that the new targeted microbubbles will advance the sensitivity, and especially important, the specificity of ultrasound diagnosis of breast cancer in order to determine whether clinical intervention is needed.
Her work has led to the development of new patented technologies for the preparation of microbubble suspensions for ultrasound imaging and drug delivery and she has also set up a spin-off company in this area.
Hoff, "Acoustic properties of NC100100 and their relation with the microbubble size distribution," Investigative Radiology, vol.
Since the 1980s, Yoon, a member of the a National Academy of Engineering, and his colleagues in Virginia Tech's College of Engineering have developed various advanced separation processes for the minerals and coal industries, including microbubble flotation, dewatering aids, hyberbaric centrifuge and hydrophobic-hydrophilic separation (HHS).
It has been hypothesized that ultrasound energy, often amplified by use of microbubble activities, generates transient, non-specific pores on cell membranes, a process termed sonoporation.
The last chapter discusses the use of microbubble ultrasound contrast agents, and an appendix offers additional information on system controls.
Albumin microbubble echo-contrast material as an enhancer for ultrasound accelerated thrombolysis.