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 (mī′krō-kăp′səl, -so͞ol)
A small, sometimes microscopic capsule designed to release its contents when broken by pressure, dissolved, or melted.


a very small container with a drug or other substance inside it, which is used for medical or scientific purposes


(ˈmaɪ kroʊˌkæp səl, -sul, -syul)

a tiny capsule used for slow-release application of drugs, pesticides, etc.
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The chilled fluid was centrifuged at 4,520xg for 12 min to separate microcapsule suspension.
This process can provide many benefits, such as protecting vitamins from oxygen's deteriorating effects and probiotics from gastric acid; masking taste or odor; and controlling the rate at which the particles leave the microcapsule.
The delayed release to the rubber compound of the N-(1,3-dimethylbutyl)-N'-phenyl-para-phenylenediamine antiozonant by the wall of the microcapsule prevents its early consumption by environmental factors, such as reaction with ozone or water leaching.
It has been reported that the degree of microcapsule expression is dependent on the composition of the growth medium, the stage of growth, and whether the organisms are cultured on solid or liquid medium (6,7).
Amorepacific's Microcapsule Contains Plant Glycoprotein
The microcapsule samples (MC series) were observed after sputter-coating with Au/Pd alloy.
Then, the peptide was connected to the two popular delivery systems: a microcapsule and a profragrance model polymer.
Microcapsule as well as is another Brucella virulence factor that plays an important role in preventing phagolysozyme integration.
The development of the encapsulation technology has progressed from the initial proof-of-concept work, in which a corrosion indicator was encapsulated into an oil-core (hydrophobic) microcapsule and shown to be delivered autonomously, under simulated corrosion conditions, to a sophisticated portfolio of micro carriers (organic, inorganic, and hybrid) that can be used to deliver a wide range of active corrosion ingredients at a rate that can be adjusted to offer immediate as well as long-term corrosion control.
A representation of a bearing with the microcapsule coating is shown in Figure 3.
A reinforcing effect due to the microcapsule inclusion is already reported in literature for a self-healing formulation obtained using EHA as epoxy matrix and Grubbs' first-generation catalyst and DCPD-filled microcapsules as self-healing components [3].
com)-- The microcapsule or microsphere formed through the process of microencapsulation is causing many breakthrough inventions in various industries and sectors.