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An electric circuit consisting of miniaturized components.

mi′cro·cir′cuit·ry (-kĭ-trē) n.


[ˈmaikrəʊˈsɜːkɪtrɪ] Nmicrocircuitería f
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Microcircuitry of the direct and indirect pathways of the basal ganglia.
The first challenge falls under the category of basic materials science and engineering: to develop techniques for growing and patterning nearly flawless films of magnetic materials (such as hexaferrites and multilayer superlattices with tailorable magnetic properties) on semiconductor wafers while preserving the properties of both the magnetic materials and the semiconductor microcircuitry.
As more equipment breakdowns involve microcircuitry, however, it's time to take a different approach.
Hyperconnectivity neocortical microcircuitry of local induced by prenatal exposure to valproic acid.
Washington, August 26 ( ANI ): Neuroscientists have struggled in the past to make sense of how the microcircuitry of the brain makes learning easier for the young, and more difficult for the old.
vehicles made after the 1960s, generators, phones and other communications systems, medical devices, GPS, everything with microcircuitry or a microchip dies instantly.
The photonic curing technology used by the PulseForge was designed specifically with these production characteristics in mind, and DuPont was attracted to the PulseForge's ability to advance their efforts in printing radio-frequency identification tags, and the thin-film semiconductor layers and fine-line microcircuitry crucial to flexible displays.
In a study published online in the June 29, 2011 issue of Nature, for example, scientists manipulated the microcircuitry in the brains of mice to examine the effects on the animals' addictive behaviors.
centimeters of a wireless battery, and its microcircuitry is only enough for one
Much of the equipment used in the offshore drilling operation uses microvolt-age and microcircuitry such as sensitive measurement instruments, alarm systems, video equipment, communications systems, and computer equipment.
The researchers are focusing on the laminar microcircuitry of the neocortex which is involved in higher brain functions such as seeing and hearing.