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n. pl. mi·cro·coc·ci (-kŏk′sī′, -kŏk′ī′)
Any of various spherical, aerobic, gram-positive bacteria of the genus Micrococcus that are usually nonmotile and occur in pairs, tetrads, or irregular clusters.

mi′cro·coc′cal (-kŏk′əl) adj.


(Biology) caused by, or relating to, a micrococcus
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2] units/[micro]L micrococcal nuclease (MNase) for 12 min at 37[degrees]C.
39) By micrococcal nuclease (MNase) assays to examine chromatin accessibility, (40) we revealed that the region around the STAT3 binding site in the Gfap promoter was digested well in lgNSCs, which are capable of Gfap expression with LIF stimulation, whereas this region in both WT and TKO ESCs cells and in mgNSCs was protected from the digestion (Fig.
With the discovery of newer nucleases and multifunctional enzymes like micrococcal nuclease and snake-venom phosphodiesterase, however, the classification of Kunitz was found to be inadequate.