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A copy or photograph that has been reduced to an extremely small size for ease of transport and purposes of security.


1. (Photography) a microcopy about the size of a pinhead, used esp in espionage
2. (Recreational Drugs) a tiny tablet containing LSD


(ˈmaɪ krəˌdɒt)

a photograph reduced to the size of a printed period, used esp. to transmit messages, photographs, drawings, etc.
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Noun1.microdot - photograph reduced to the size of a dot (usually for purposes of security)
photo, photograph, pic, exposure, picture - a representation of a person or scene in the form of a print or transparent slide; recorded by a camera on light-sensitive material


[ˈmaɪkrəʊˌdɒt] Nmicropunto m
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These include visible VIN plates, glass etching and the marking of components with microdots, labels or ink or by stamping, engraving or chemical processes.
8226; Smart assetDNA IDs - a unique patent-pending asset tagging system with a globally unique number series and which integrate RFIDs, Barcodes and microdots
When fired, the AIR TASER disperses out 30-50 microdots of serial numbers identifying the owner of the device.
The special liquid contains microdots, which glow blue under ultra violet light, and a unique secure DNA signature that allows the police to trace the property back to the original owner.
There, I took on a false identity in a Mission: Impossible adventure, discovered that Mary Queen of Scots' secret messages were revealed when they were decoded, and explored a world of dead drops, microdots and lipstick pistols.
Selected samples microdots were fixed with scanning electron microscopes (SEM) (FEI Quanta 200, magnification x 500).
The work, by Trace-in-Metal, sees thousands of microdots infused into lead sheets "marking" them with a unique identifying code.
It utilizes a dual camera system with a large-view camera that locates microdots or reference points on a prepress table holding the plate to be mounted.
assetDNA integrates easy-to-use software, hand-held mobile applications, smart asset IDs [Barcodes, HF & UHF RFIDs, covert security microdots, direct part marking], commercial-off-the-shelf hardware and Relegen professional services.
WWI "lemon juice spies" are followed by WWII microdots (Information the size of a sentence period) and a pneumonia-microbe solution read by an antibody reagent.
How about faking it with a tattoo of microdots across the head instead?