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Noun1.microeconomist - an economist who specializes in microeconomicsmicroeconomist - an economist who specializes in microeconomics
economic expert, economist - an expert in the science of economics
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As an expert microeconomist, William Massy approaches the challenge of reform by applying rigorous economic principles--informed by financial data and other evidence--to explain the forces at work on universities and the flaws in the academic business model.
Baumol shows that business practices can be a fertile source of the analytical toolbox of the microeconomist and that, in turn, the theorist's rigorous tools can contribute to more effective solutions to applied business problems.
9) For a view of the economist as plumber from the perspective of a microeconomist, see E.
Mary is an applied microeconomist who uses regression analysis as her primary analytical tool to research a wide variety of issues including labor, real estate, education, and taxes.
Caroline Hoxby noted that to a microeconomist, taking the central tendency of estimates seems quite unnatural.
Microeconomist David Friedman explains the underlying theory (p.
All of the nonsense that is being written on stakeholder's theory is enough to convince a microeconomist to become a political scientist.
Though a microeconomist by training and inclination, Bill had good insights about some major macroeconomic issues.
Antitrust played an important role in my professional career as an applied microeconomist with interests in firm and market organization.
What do you get when you take an oil patch roughneck who has participated in the drilling of two dry holes, give him the talent and conviction that qualifies him to serve as a teacher and a lay minister in his local church and then train him as a microeconomist to the Ph.
A Theory of the Firm Only a Microeconomist Could Love.
Whatever the answers to these questions may turn out to be, the ventures of the CPUC provide useful background for the general microeconomist as well as for the specialist in micro theory applied to energy pricing.