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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The branch of electronics that deals with miniature components.

mi′cro·e·lec·tron′ic adj.
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Adj.1.microelectronic - of or relating to or consisting of miniature electronic componentsmicroelectronic - of or relating to or consisting of miniature electronic components


[ˈmaɪkrəʊˌiːlekˈtrɒnɪk] ADJmicroelectrónico
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Cobham has won a series of orders from BAE Systems for microelectronic products worth around $51 million for the F-35 Lightning II platform.
We tested the Nanogen microelectronic chip for SNP genotyping with respect to throughput, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.
A basic component of such microelectronic systems is the information gate, which takes in some signals and sends others out.
Palomar Technologies, provider of precision automation equipment and process development for microelectronic assembly, is making available bonder Performance Upgrade Packages for its CBT6000 and Model 8000 automatic wire bonders and the Model 3500 component placement work cell.
BAE Systems has awarded a $51 million orders to Cobham to equip the F-35 Lightning II platform with microelectronic products.
Ceramics Process Systems Corporation (CPS) (OTC Bulletin Board: CPSX) today announced that it has expanded its product line to include hermetic microelectronic packages.
MARIN, Switzerland -- EM Microelectronic, an electronic systems company of the Swatch Group, introduces the EM7604, a low-power CMOS crystal oscillator circuit.
MARIN, Switzerland -- EM Microelectronic, the semiconductor company of the Swatch Group, announces two new low power LCD controllers/drivers, which can be used without other external components and are therefore easy to design in and very flexible.
NYSE:AME) today announced that it has added the technology for ceramic components to its microelectronics packaging business with the acquisition of General Ceramics, a privately owned manufacturer of highly engineered hermetic microelectronic packages for sophisticated electronic applications in the aerospace, defense, telecommunications and industrial markets.
SAME (Sophia Antipolis forum on MicroElectronics), is an annual event at the cutting edge of microelectronic design technologies and has experienced constant growth each year since its creation, today attracting over 1,000 participants.
OTCBB: BIPH; FWB: BTN), a developer of next-generation biomedical technology, announced today that it has joined as a Senior Member the Biomimetic MicroElectronic Systems Engineering Research Center at the University of Southern California (USC/BMES ERC), in a collaboration to revolutionize biomedical devices including through development and integration of Biophan's proprietary innovations.
Palomar Technologies, leader in precision automation equipment and process development for microelectronic assembly, announced that Bruce W.

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