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A very small, specialized habitat, such as a clump of grass or a space between rocks.


(Environmental Science) ecology the smallest part of the environment that supports a distinct flora and fauna, such as a fallen log in a forest


(ˌmaɪ kroʊˈhæb ɪˌtæt)

an extremely localized, small-scale environment, as a tree stump or a dead animal.
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goeldii por algum tipo de microhabitat estima a quantidade de larvas e a disponibilidade de cada microhabitat na area de amostragem, onde observou uma quantidade numerosa das larvas em folhas verdes, porem esse microhabitat nao era tao disponivel quanto na raiz e folhas secas sendo estes ultimos mais relevantes na colonizacao dessa especie (HAMADA, 1989)
Estos espacios, incluyendo los medios artificiales (infraestructuras producidas por la actividad antropica), les ofrecen a los insectos una alta diversidad de microhabitat, en los que han tenido un inmensurable exito para la explotacion de los recursos existentes.
46] analizaron las preferencias del microhabitat para los estados inmaduros de Anacroneuria (Plecoptera) y, mediante analisis de contenido estomacal, las relaciones troficas de estas ninfas.
For each nest, the observer collected information on date, plot number, observer, nest number, species, nest-site microhabitat, nest and egg status, and clutch size.
Microhabitat characteristics may affect the suitability of containers as breeding sites for Ae.
peruviana to even short periods of exposure to air illustrates the importance of microhabitat selection for these snails at or after metamorphosis.
Spatial and temporal distribution and microhabitat use of aquatic breeding amphibians (Anura) in a seasonally dry tropical forest in Chamela, Mexico
These results suggest that differences in microhabitat use may influence distribution patterns of M.
The results indicate that the cub whose mother had entirely natural food (CN) selected similar microhabitat to its mother (MN).
We found that pygmy grasshoppers in general are associated with wetter microhabitat conditions rather than the main streams in the swamp forest (i.
Knowledge of the particular location of different seed types may explain the spatial pattern of plant recruitment at the microhabitat scale (Marone et al.