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A very small, specialized habitat, such as a clump of grass or a space between rocks.


(Environmental Science) ecology the smallest part of the environment that supports a distinct flora and fauna, such as a fallen log in a forest


(ˌmaɪ kroʊˈhæb ɪˌtæt)

an extremely localized, small-scale environment, as a tree stump or a dead animal.
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The study is expected to provide a platform for further investigations on ecology of dengue vectors by providing details of dengue vector microhabitats.
Some of our infrastructure, as Warwick points out, is often not as harshly sterile and devoid of life as might be imagined; many grassy verges besides motorways and train lines have created microhabitats for numerous plants and animals unable to survive in more regularly trodden patches of land.
Although the magnitude of desiccation stress generally increases landward, it can vary substantially between adjacent microhabitats, and organisms frequently take advantage of concentrated bits of moisture to survive, such as under algal canopies (Brawley and Johnson, 1991) or oyster shells (Grant and McDonald, 1979) or within crevices (Kensler, 1967).
We also evaluated whether species conducted specific activities (calling, amplexus and resting) in different microhabitats at the pools, and whether there is habitat partitioning among species.
Mustelus californicus translocated to different microhabitats within the HBWC selected the Channel habitat after the translocation regardless of where animals were released.
Experts created microhabitats which maintained the ideal temperature, UV levels, rainfall and humidity in order to encourage breeding.
The cub whose mother was supplemented with man-made food (CMF) differed from its mother (MMF) preferring microhabitats with higher proportions of canopy coverage and areas closer to shelter.
Tetrigidae are an ancient group of grasshoppers and, similar to many other insects, have associations and preferences for specific microhabitats and habitats.
A major generalization of desert ecology is that the number of seeds per unit area in the soil seed bank remarkably varies among microhabitats, so far as in any desert different microhabitats can be selected for analysing the seed bank.
Ademas, la fragmentacion de los relictos boscosos tambien puede afectar las poblaciones de anuros de manera directa o indirecta, como consecuencia de los cambios en la calidad del habitat y la proporcion de microhabitats disponibles para reproduccion, forrajeo y oviposicion (URBINA-CARDONA et al.
Os meios utilizados para obtencao dos dados referentes aos microhabitats dos simulideos na regiao Neotropical foram Scielo, Pubmed, Sci-hub, Google Academico, livros, revistas e artigos com um periodo de 1945 ate 2015.