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Measurement of minute objects with a micrometer.

mi′cro·met′ric (mī′krō-mĕt′rĭk), mi′cro·met′ri·cal (-rĭ-kəl) adj.
mi′cro·met′ri·cal·ly adv.
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the number of eggs laid over the first 15 weeks of egg laying (IP), egg specific gravity calculated according to Archimedes' principle from egg weight and egg weight in water (egg specific gravity, SG), destructive shell thickness measured in the middle of the egg longitudinal axis with the use of a micrometric screw (shell thickness, ST), and the number of hatched chicks from eggs laid during the laying period (number of hatched chicks, HC) [15].
An analysis of the pore size of the three scaffold groups showed that they were adequate for cell cultivation because they presented intermediate pore sizes on a micrometric scale, allowing an efficient delivery of nutrients and oxygen, and elimination of residues.
The N2 BET method (Narkis and Ben-David, 1985) employing a Quantasorb surface analyser, QS/7, mercury intrusion porosimeter, Micrometric model 9310 (Orumwense, 1996) was used to measure the surface area and porosity of the fly ash.
PVC 2 where micrometric particles coexist with bigger ones of about 10 pm will be called "bidisperse.
A sample of 20 eggs per female was randomly inspected and the long and short axes of eggs were measured under stereomicroscope equipped with a micrometric eyepiece.
Measurements were conducted with a micrometric ocular connected to a light microscope.
Objective: Several technological applications need tools for keeping a stable micrometric distance between two surfaces.
2008), those of the pterioids are made up of apparently monocrystalline nanometric or micrometric units.
All oocytes were counted with the help of a stereoscopic microscope and measured with a micrometric ocular.
These rods are glass cylinders with micrometric dimensions and excessive vibrations on the plates may damage them and, consequently, make it difficult for the reader to capture the genotype information.