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(ˌmaɪ kroʊ rɪˈlif)

surface features of the earth of small dimensions, commonly less than 50 ft. (15 m).
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EPIGENOMYL[R] smoothes the skin's microrelief, reduces wrinkles and increases skin tone.
The spatial contours of SP-1 shifted to a reduced portion of the microrelief due to the concentration of its vegetating members in a more favorable microsite (see Fig.
The most common positive effect in the boundary friction between surfaces with a partially regular microrelief can be explained in relation to the lubrication conditions improved by increasing oil absorption (Schneider 1982, 1998, 2001).
They cover using LIDAR to model Mima mound evolution and regional energy valances in California's Great Central Valley, "pimple" mound microrelief in southern Saskatchewan, alpine and montane Mima mounds of the western US, the biodynamic significance of double stone layers in Mima mounds, the forgotten natural prairie mounds of the Upper Midwest, and the polygenetic origin of prairie mounds in northeastern California.
This means that changes in the DE can be attributed to the significant alteration of geometrical parameters of the grating's microrelief (Fig.
Thus, variability appears to be related to fairly obvious systematic microrelief and morphologic differences, which must be taken into account during sampling.
Effect of tillage on fractal indices describing soil surface microrelief of a Brazilian Alfisol.
It includes significant areas of gilgai microrelief, which is produced in clay soils that shrink and swell with changes in moisture content (vertic properties).
Beaver impacts on the microrelief of canal slopes were examined in segments occupied by beavers for more than 10 years.
A highly significant increase in the density of skin microrelief and a decrease of the deep furrows were demonstrated.
In his works, he used the results of study of a microrelief surface of mechanically treated solid bodies by various scientists, as well as a classic work of D.