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An independent country that is very small in area and population. Also called ministate.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a very small nation that is an internationally-recognized sovereign state. Also called: mini-state


(ˈmɪn iˌsteɪt)

a small, independent nation.
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Each subjects EEG brain activity was then analyzed using Time/Frequency Power Analysis and a Spatial Microstate Analysis.
Those statistics are not overly surprising for a microstate yet to register a competitive victory but boss Pierangelo Manzaroli (above) is still looking for more in the final four fixtures of this campaign.
It is probably no exaggeration to say that the closest thing to free market enclaves remaining in the world are to be found in the East Asian "dragons," especially Singapore; in the United Arab Emirates, particularly magnificent Dubai; and in the various microstate tax havens in Europe, such as Andorra, Monaco, and Liechtenstein.
When Djibouti gained its independence forty years ago, nothing promised a great future for the microstate.
Qatar, however, is nothing but a microstate that was nurtured and instructed by Israeli and American intelligence agencies.
The microstate boasts a single structure: an old logging storage house without water or power.
The challenges facing the microstate of SEuo Tome and PrE[degrees]ncipe are typical of small states around the world: high per capita run- ning costs for all institutions, a narrow economic base and a lack of international influence.
This first major retrospective of Lavier's work outside of the francophone world takes place in the sleek, black-sheathed Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, a setting that inescapably recalls a second mouse, that of the 1959 film The Mouse that Roared, featuring the tiny dukedom of Grand Fenwick, a fictional Alpine microstate locked in its own trade wars with the United States.
A Causal Process is characterized by its collection of Causally correlated States (Causal States) while the move of Entropy from Cause to Effect to Cause, within a Microstate is generating the Entropic Field and is represented in Diagram 2.
The town, on the Herefordshire border, was declared to be its own microstate in the 1970s by Richard Booth, who made himself "king" in a bid to draw attention to his campaign to turn Hay into a book town.
A political history of the modern Middle East in the post-9/11 era is probably incomplete without reference to Al Jazeera, a small Arabic news channel that emerged out of the Persian Gulf microstate of Qatar in 1996 to become an ambitious media player with an international reach.
On arrival, the group was received at a special hall by officials of the humanitarian project, and will be later distributed on homes and reception facilities in seven Italian provinces, and the microstate of the San Marino Republic.