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1. The structure of an organism or object as revealed through microscopic examination.
2. A microscopic component, device, or system, especially one manufactured using MEMS.


structure on a microscopic scale, esp the structure of an alloy as observed by etching, polishing, and observation under a microscope


(ˈmaɪ kroʊˌstrʌk tʃər)

the structure of an etched and polished metal or alloy as observed under magnification.


[ˈmaɪkrəʊˌstrʌktʃəʳ] Nmicroestructura f
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Virtual casting includes alloy design/selection, process optimization, multi-scale defect and microstructure simulation, and comprehensive analyses and predictions of component mechanical properties and performance.
A typical ICME analysis process starts from the material processing/manufacturing models, which predict the influence of processing conditions on the material microstructure features.
Important functions are mediated by small cortical units (columns) and even small changes in the microstructure can cause debilitating diseases.
Abstract: the effect of Pr addition on the microstructure and properties of Sn-0.
This structure converts high frequency and high amplitude shock waves into heat and restores its original microstructure through reversible compression and decompression cycles.
Heat treatments are useful methods to change the matrix microstructure for the improvement of impact toughness and wear resistance for numerous cast iron materials.
This approach enables microstructure characterization, analyzation and mechanical testing unlike FEM simulations.
FSP is a solid state process, which can tailor the microstructure by severe plastic deformation and frictional heat.
In addition, the company's MicroCor technology is covered by patents and patent filings relating to the applicator, the microstructure design, microstructure formulation compositions, manufacturing methods and packaging methodologies.
The main target of this study is to compare two of the most commonly used types of welding to make a joint and to evaluate quality and microstructure [7] of welds.
Light Metals and Their Alloys IV: Technology, Microstructure and Properties: Special Topic Volume With Invited Peer Reviewed Papers Only
Stenothecids are a group of laterally-compressed helcionellids whose inner shell microstructure in at least some forms consists of calcitic seminacre (Vendrasco et al.