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A method of practice teaching in which a videotape of a small segment of a student's classroom teaching is made and later evaluated.
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The purpose of this paper was to investigate the potential of a microteaching evaluation form for assessing microteaching performance.
Numerous models of practica exist, including observational learning (Koran, Snow, & McDonald, 1971), internships (Gardner & Henry, 1968), microteaching (Allen & Eve, 1968), field experiences (Zeichner, 1984), self-evaluations (Beijaard et al.
Supervised pedagogical experiences in teacher education programs often include peer teaching (Everhart & Turner, 1996; Strand, 1992), microteaching (Cruikshank & Metcalf, 1993; Imwold, 1984), small group teaching (Berliner, 1969) and finally, student teaching (Siedentop, 1986; Hastie, 1994).
Hatton and Smith (1995) identify four broad categories of approaches: (a) action research projects; (b) case studies and ethnographic studies of students, teachers, classrooms, and schools; (c) microteaching and other supervised practicum experiences; and (d) structured curriculum tasks.
While some may have come and gone, incorporating microteaching experiences into pre-service teacher education programs is still alive and strong in the 21st Century.
Finally, we discuss both the challenges of centering teacher education on practice and the resources available for the work, including the history of microteaching and competency-based teacher education in the United States and the progress that researchers have made to identify content knowledge for teaching and to draw on professional education in other fields to inform teacher preparation.
At that time, publications primarily reported results from microteaching studies.
Table 6 Initial Interests of Teachers in Teaching Enhancement Topics Category Examples of Initial Examples of Science Interest Up-date Seminars Issues of How to capture student Microteaching motivating interests?
Since the 1960s, teacher education programs have routinely used microteaching activities, wherein preservice teachers teach and record brief lessons to peers and receive feedback from both peers and supervisors.
To get her teacher candidates to evaluate and revise their stances, Smith (2007) requires them to put their stance into practice by microteaching a lesson to an audience of their peers.
questions about both the process and outcomes of microteaching in a
For example, in the chapter on pedagogical approaches in teacher education (Grossman, 2005), several research programs on such topics as microteaching, case methods, practitioner research, and teaching portfolios were identified.