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 (mī′krō-văs′kyə-lə-cho͝or′, -chər)
The portion of the circulatory system composed of the smallest vessels, such as the capillaries, arterioles, and venules.

mi′cro·vas′cu·lar (-kyə-lər) adj.
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Osteochondral information will be provided by high-frequency US while OA imaging will allow the high-sensitivity imaging of microvasculature in inflamed tissue.
28,29) Leukocytosis could be related to epinephrine release or muscular exertion, resulting in a washout of heterophils from the microvasculature into circulation.
Reestablishment of functional microvasculature enhances neurogenesis and functional recovery after stroke (Dalkara et al.
Examination of the rats' brains revealed significantly increased neurogenesis and improved microvasculature in those that received resveratrol in comparison with the control group.
Recent Company-sponsored research studies have also shown that FGF is a key angiogenic regulatory protein that stimulates the release and action of other angiogenic factors, including vascular endothelial growth factors (VEGF), platelet-derived growth factors (PDGF), and hepatocyte growth factor (HGF), to orchestrate and promote the growth of cardiac microvasculature (a functional collateral network) in ischemic cardiac tissue.
Chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, heart disease, and others, must be identified both for their potential effect on the microvasculature and the fitness of the patient to undergo a lengthy anesthesia.
In present study, a highly significant increase in 5'-nucleotidase levels in atherosclerosis patients explains that its adenosine can convey protection against atherosclerosis, an interference with intrinsic physiological pathways involved in the adenosine metabolism and 5'-nucleotidase is crucially involved in the finely tuned constitutive regulation balancing proinflammatory in the microvasculature.
The microvasculature of the meniscus and its response to injury: an experimental study in the dog, Am J Sports Med.
The role of parasite sequestration in the pulmonary microvasculature is unclear, because sequestration occurs intensely in P.
To metastasise, a tumour cell must overcome a number of factors including entrance into the vascular system, travel to a distant site while avoiding immune surveillance, localisation in the microvasculature of the future metastatic site, growth, and evolution of a blood supply.
Characteristics are particularly evident in the dermal microvasculature, including endothelial swelling and concentric thickening of the vascular basement membrane.
Systemic sclerosis (SSc) is an autoimmune connective tissue disease characterised by fibrosis of the skin and internal organs, and pronounced alterations in the microvasculature.