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Noun1.mid-seventies - the time of life between 70 and 80mid-seventies - the time of life between 70 and 80  
time of life - a period of time during which a person is normally in a particular life state
eld, geezerhood, old age, years, age - a late time of life; "old age is not for sissies"; "he's showing his years"; "age hasn't slowed him down at all"; "a beard white with eld"; "on the brink of geezerhood"
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The mid-seventies offered a boom for film business.
Dubbed the world's greatest heavy metal band, Iron Maiden has released 38 albums since forming in the mid-seventies.
The trainer also had some big paydays at Hamilton with Super Scot before he handed in his licence in the mid-seventies to concentrate on farming.
THE WESTBOUND SINGLES 1969 - 1975 (ACE) One of the most popular soul trios of their time, both at home in the USA and here in the UK, where they toured frequently, the Detroit Emeralds' Westbound singles maintained a constant presence on the soul and pop charts on both sides of the pond until the mid-Seventies, when the original group split up.
The 'classic' line-up of Ritchie Blackmore (guitars), Jon Lord (keyboards), Ian Paice (drums), Roger Glover (bass) and Ian Gillan (vocals), dominated the album charts of the early to mid-Seventies.
In the mid-Seventies they started their own singing club just across the village green at the Smith's Arms.
Kreuzburg was founded in the mid-seventies and now has a workforce of around 25 at three sites.
Howard, part of the FA Cup and League Cup final teams of the mid-seventies, went on to Arsenal after 184 outings in black-and-white.
After college in the mid-seventies, I decided I wanted a job that would allow me to see the world while I was young.
This is vital as the state pension age keeps rising and many young people could end up having to wait until their mid-seventies before they will qualify for theirs.
Not only is this a history of the firm, but also a look at the trends of children's book publishing from 1914 to the mid-seventies.
He soldiered in the First Battalion of the Regiment from 1964 until the mid-Seventies and saw active service in Aden and Northern Ireland as well as looking very smart in his red tunic and shiny black bearskin while carrying out public duties in London