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or mid-size  (mĭd′sīz′) or mid-sized (-sīz′)
Of intermediate size. Used especially of motor vehicles, such as cars.


of an average or medium size; not particularly large nor particularly small
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Originating in discussions among educational leadership scholars whose university programs serve small and mid-sized districts, this book project represents the collective voice speaking to a diverse set of leadership issues that are framed uniquely in small-to mid-sized districts.
Although private real estate funds are not able to acquire large prime office properties like the major players in the real estate industry, they have an advantage in buying good mid-sized office buildings," Robertson said.
The nation's small and mid-sized employers cut benefits in their health plans in 2003, holding the cost increase to 9.
Based on a revolutionary architectural platform providing enhanced levels of performance, reliability and scalability, Plasmon's Mid-Sized G-Series Library supports the Sony 9.
Since its beginnings in 1980, ElDorado National has become the largest producer of small and mid-sized buses in the commercial transportation market.

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