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A point or region in the air: hovering in midair.
Occurring in midair: a midair collision.


a. some point above ground level; in the air
b. (as modifier): a midair collision of aircraft.



1. any point in the air not contiguous with the earth or other solid surface.
2. occurring in midair.
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Noun1.midair - some point in the airmidair - some point in the air; above ground level; "the planes collided in midair"
point - the precise location of something; a spatially limited location; "she walked to a point where she could survey the whole street"
References in classic literature ?
There had been other times, too, when Tublat had swung helplessly in midair, the noose tightening about his neck, death staring him in the face, and little Tarzan dancing upon a near-by limb, taunting him and making unseemly grimaces.
The right hook of Rivera had dropped him in midair with the abruptness of death.
Its huge body must have measured forty feet in length, while the batlike wings that supported it in midair had a spread of fully thirty.
Once the chords began to buckle, there were thousands of tons of ironwork, all riveted together and lying in midair without support.
Pilots may think that talking to ATC or using ADS-B protects them from midair collisions, but mistakes can still happen, and they can be fatal.
In the Quick Turns department beginning on page 22 of this month's issue is a news item on the NTSB's recent Safety Alert, which suggests pilots should consider increased use of technological solutions as to help prevent midair collisions.
cross each other for a moment in midair, lie down shimmering, and gaze
The Crash of Piedmont Airlines Flight 22: Completing the Record of the 1967 Midair Collision Near Hendersonville, North Carolina
Thousands of Drones Fill the Skies, Raising Fears of Midair Collisions discusses the arguments being made both for and against new drone regulations, amid a surge in their popularity.
Washington, July 17 ( ANI ): Researchers have claimed that they have developed a new method through which they can levitate objects with the help of sound waves, and move them in midair.
However one of the most remarkable and eventful highlights was midair refuelling, performed by latest midair refuelling aircraft, purchased by PAF; which successfully performed their midair refuelling tasks on participating F-16 and JF-17 Thunder jet fighters, fully exposing the contemporary capabilities of PAF.
DIVERS recovered a piece of a submerged helicopter and a fourth body yesterday as investigators searched the Hudson River off Manhattan, New York City, for wreckage from the helicopter and a small plane that collided in midair, killing nine people.