middle cerebral artery

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Noun1.middle cerebral artery - one of two branches of the internal carotid arterymiddle cerebral artery - one of two branches of the internal carotid artery; divides into three branches
arteria cerebri, cerebral artery - any of the arteries supplying blood to the cerebral cortex
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In MRA, we found near complete obliteration of the left middle cerebral artery by thrombi/emboli that strongly suggested AIS (figure 3).
Posterior Circulation; ACA: Anterior Cerebral Artery; MCA: Middle Cerebral Artery Figure 1.
KEY WORDS: Fetal Growth Restriction; Middle Cerebral Artery Doppler Sonography; Perinatal Outcome
74] A study on middle cerebral artery (MCA) stroke demonstrated that IV thrombolysis had nearly no potential for recanalizing thrombi measuring more than 8 mm in length;[76] on the contrary, thrombus length appears to have no impact on reperfusion success of endovascular therapy;[74] therefore, it might be more appropriate to treat patients who are detected with long thrombus on SWI with endovascular therapy, instead of IV thrombolysis.
5) In this case, as in other reports of intracavernous anastomosis, (23,6-8) the intracavernous vessel continues as the middle cerebral artery (MCA), while the A1 segment of the anterior cerebral artery (ACA) ipsilateral to the absent ICA is aplastic or hypoplastic; this is slightly different than Lie's original description in which the intracavernous anastomosis supplies both the MCA and ACA territories.
7,8) Ischemic lesions are usually multiple, but if there is a single vascular cerebral ischemia, the middle cerebral artery is mostly affected, like in our patient.
Longitudinal study of fetal middle cerebral artery flow velocity waveforms preceding fetal death.
Diagnosed cases of anterior and middle cerebral artery syndrome, and patients with age less than 60 years were included in this study.
01) in middle cerebral artery (MCA) territory whereas no difference was noticed with regard to laterality in PCA and ACA territory irrespective of age and gender.
Middle cerebral artery occlusion alters neurotransmitter activities in ipsilateral and contralateral rat brain regions: an ex vivo voltammetric study.
Congenital Acquired Etiology In utero vascular Infection, trauma, occlusion involving the ischemia, tumor, middle cerebral artery, hemorrhag congenital malformations, perinatal hypoxia, and infection Pattern of sulci Sulci may not be Prominent sulci prominent Compensatory More apparent May be less apparent skull changes
Lateral left hemispheric face after removal of frontal and parietal operculum: 1- pars triangularis; 2- short gyrus of insula; 3- long gyri of linsula; 4- inferior branch of middle cerebral artery (M2 Segment), Middle cerebral artery trifurcation; 6- superior temporal gyrus (Thomas Frigeri).