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another word for midmost



1. being in or near the very middle; middlemost; middle.
2. most intimate or private; innermost.
3. in the midmost part; in the middle.
[1655–65; Middle English, Old English mid mest]
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Adj.1.middlemost - being in the exact middlemiddlemost - being in the exact middle    
central - in or near a center or constituting a center; the inner area; "a central position"
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To this end he went round the ships and tents carrying a great purple cloak, and took his stand by the huge black hull of Ulysses' ship, which was middlemost of all; it was from this place that his voice would carry farthest, on the one hand towards the tents of Ajax son of Telamon, and on the other towards those of Achilles--for these two heroes, well assured of their own strength, had valorously drawn up their ships at the two ends of the line.
P Akhtar, first floor side and two storey rear |extensions and demolition of conservatory, 2 Middlemost Close, Birkby.
By calculating the median of each triangle, the object median point is equally distributed by finding the middlemost point between the median of all triangles.
David Middlemost won the fly section with eight fish for more than 12lb, while the bait section was won by Dale Richardson with eight for just under 12lb.
Since the respondents in cluster 3 have mediocre intensity regarding their counterconformity behavior, they were labeled middlemost type (45.
Subcommittee of the Southern African Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis: B F Jacobson (chairperson), E Schapkaitz, S Haas (external adjudicator), T Dalby, M Mer, M Patel, S Middlemost, M Munster, D Adler, N Alli, H Buller (external adjudicator)
SHIRLEY Middlemost, clinical cardiologist at heart charity ExtraLife, answers some questions put to her by Birmingham Mail readers.
The Middlemost and the Milltowns: Bourgeois Culture and Politics in Early Industrial England, by Brian Lewis.
As his fatal illness intensifies, Toker sees "the small lamp suspended on a short wire from the middlemost beam" of the barrack ceiling and is left staring as "the lamp wobbled, and its flame spurted in the stray superfluities of wind.