The middle of the morning.
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The midmorning snack of pistachios proved to be just what they needed to power through the morning.
Dozens of others were injured in the Tuesday midmorning collision that left a horror scene and caused a major traffic snarl-up on the busy highway.
From there, cruise down the paved beachside path that connects Santa Monica to Venice before steering inland a few blocks for a midmorning snack at Gjusta (above), where breakfast--including a housemade onion-poppy bialy topped with lamb merguez, harissa, and Gruyere--is served until 5 p.
Braving the sweltering midmorning heat, Abe and his wife Akie received a Philippine eagle stuffed toy as it would be difficult to bring the 2-year-old bird, officially named Sakura, from its sanctuary at the Philippine Eagle Center to the ceremony held at the Waterfront Hotel.
As for the time of day for a break, Hunter said that by taking midmorning breaks, "we're not allowing ourselves to get so depleted that we're at the point where we want to just get to the end of the day.
Alert and curious, countless hens with bright red crowns and faces strolled out of a large poultry house midmorning into the fresh air and a fenced pasture amid rolling fields of alfalfa, clover, corn and soybeans.
WASHINGTON, July 6 (KUNA) -- US stocks experienced steep decline Monday morning and rebounded by midmorning after Greece voted against an offer for a bailout by European creditors.
Huddersfield weather expert Paul Stevens said: "A band of heavy rain should clear by breakfast time on Sunday and certainly by midmorning.
At midmorning, crews from Direnzo Towing and Recovery removed the vehicle.
As of midmorning, the Boston area had more than a foot of snow, while the far eastern tip of New York's suburban Long Island had more than two feet.
Company bosses who returned to work on Monday after the festive break made more money in 2014 by midmorning yesterday than the annual salary of average workers, said the report.
CRESWELL - No one was hurt, but three families were displaced and a triplex was destroyed in a midmorning fire in Creswell on Sunday.