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1. Amidships.
2. In the center position. Used of the helm.

[Probably short for amidships.]


adv, adj
(Nautical Terms) nautical See amidships



also a•mid′ship`,

1. in or toward the middle part of a ship or aircraft.
2. of, pertaining to, or located in the middle part of a ship or aircraft.
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Adv.1.midships - at or near or toward the center of a shipmidships - at or near or toward the center of a ship; "in the late 19th century, engines were placed in front, amidships, and at the rear"


[ˈmɪdʃɪps] ADVen medio del navío
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The midships engine, generally used as a reinforce, is not running; so the port and starboard turbine vacuum-chambers draw direct into the return-mains.
At his right hand is the midships engine lever ready to be thrown into gear at a moment's notice.
We are never without a corposant grinning on our bows or rolling head over heels from nose to midships, and to the crackle of electricity around and within us is added once or twice the rattle of hail--hail that will never fall on any sea.
Nothing but the midship tanks, and they're none too tight.
One of the hunters, a tall, loose-jointed chap named Henderson, was going aft at the time from the steerage (the name the hunters facetiously gave their midships sleeping quarters) to the cabin.
But so decided an original start had Derick had, that spite of all their gallantry, he would have proved the victor in this race, had not a righteous judgment descended upon him in a crab which caught the blade of his midship oarsman.
The first thing I did was to put my head down the square of the midship ventilator.
Anvil Point, with her huge holds and massive midships crane, was built to handle tanks and is earmarked by the MoD for service in the Middle East.
Midships had been absent since August before his second to Colony at Sandown last month and he could come on for that run.
I had managed to steer around the mega pile-up in front by going on to the grass, but I was shunted midships and that was the end of my day.
Yem Kinn made no impression in the Coventry or on a return visit to Ascot in July and will struggle with Raven's Pass on a line through Midships.
We simply went to the midships legs and climbed up the ladders there.