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1. The act or an instance of migrating.
2. A group migrating together.
3. Chemistry & Physics
a. The movement of one atom or more from one position to another within a molecule.
b. The movement of ions between electrodes during electrolysis.

mi·gra′tion·al adj.
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Adj.1.migrational - of or related to migrationmigrational - of or related to migration    


Moving from one habitat to another on a seasonal basis:
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The typical findings of periventricular calcification, migrational disorder, cerebral volume loss and white matter abnormalities seen in congenital CMV infection [9] may be impossible to diagnose on the fast T2 images acquired in antenatal MRI.
These migrations are constant and duplicate from specimen to specimen and column to column, thus allowing this migrational difference to be a definitive interpretive factor in the identification and differentiation of these three hemoglobins.
Migrational wandering is common in tropical birds in search of food resources during wet months (Loiselle and Blake 1991).
She begins discussing the evolution of Naples as protagonist of film and later examines the cross-national and cross-cultural natures through migrational experiences between the two cities.
An important topic will be the migrational behavior and assessments in current food regulations.
2000), heterogeneous environments can promote differences in plant communities at small (Vivian-Smith, 1997) and intermediate scales, and long-term processes such as evolutionary, migrational, and climatic history can shape regional species pools (Ricklefs, 1987).
Brown, an associate professor of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour, asid that music is an untapped migrational marker that can be used to help people understand the history of human populations.
Researchers in France had attached the device to the bird before it set off on its migrational journey.
From Africa via Europe to South America: Migrational route of a species-rich genus of Neotropical lowland rain forest trees (Guatteria, Annonaceae).
1,4) Migrational defects during, thymic embryogenesis lead to ectopic thymic tissue, usually in the neck but more rarely, as in our case, in the retropharyngeal region.
Migrational characteristics, biological observations, and relative survival of juvenile salmonids entering the Columbia River estuary, 1966-1983.
described five categories of this syndrome: a) Classical form due to cerebrovascular disease, b) infectious cause, c) neuronal migrational disorders, d) epilepsy induced, e) neurodegenerative disorder related (5).