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Variant of micron.
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Marsden-based Mikron Theatre Company will bring one of their current shows Fish and Chips to Huddersfield Deaf Centre on Trinity Street on October 22, complete with a British Sign Language Interpreter.
Mikron Theatre Company is bringing Troupers to various venues in Warwickshire this week.
Mikron Theatre is the only company in the world to tour professional theatre by narrowboat, bringing performances to places that don't often see theatre - pubs, village greens, canal basins, and this year, to allotments and apiaries.
MIKRON THEATRE COMPANY, VARIOUS VENUES A THEATRE company which tours the country by narrowboat brings its comic new show to the Midlands next week.
Important to note: While "AgieCharmilles" may ring a bell vis-a-vis electrical discharge machining (EDM) technology--as well it should--the company also designs and engineers more conventional chip removal equipment, like the MIKRON HEM 500U milling machine--which may be conventional in that it uses cutting tools to remove chips, but that's about the extent of it.
com)-- They made the purchase from Mikron Digital along with an optional second display monitor for use in operating rooms.
The seven year contract also includes development and engineering services from Insight Product Development, whom will take over primary responsibility of design development and assist with transitioning to full scale manufacturing on custom equipment built by the Mikron Automation.
With Mikron's new CM652R Multi-MouLder and Router, the company says its engineers designed it with all the same, powerful features of the Mikron M645, but added routing capabilities.
Toolmaker Mikron Tool SA Agno now offers the customer two parallel drill programs with the ideal cost-performance ratio for every application.
Mikron Technology Group, one of the world's leading providers of customer-specific manufacturing and assembly systems, has chosen Verizon Business to implement and manage a new communications network to link Mikron's offices in Europe, North America and Asia.
With this in mind, Mikron Machining Technologies improved its multi-step concept of a linear CNC transfer machining system for use in precision manufacturing.
and Canada of the sales teams and service departments of EDM producers Agie and Charmilles and of milling-machine supplier Mikron.