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 (mĭk′və, mēk-vä′)
n. pl. mik·voth or mik·vot (-vōt′, -vōs′) or mik·vahs
1. A ritual purification bath that is taken by observant Jews on certain occasions, as before marriage or after menstruation or childbirth, or when converting to Orthodox or Conservative Judaism.
2. A building, room, or fixture in which this bath takes place.

[Hebrew miqwâ, reservoir or miqwe, collection (of water), immersion pool, both from qāwâ, to collect; see qbw in Semitic roots.]


(mikˈvɑ; ˈmikvə) or


(Judaism) Judaism a pool used for ritual purification, esp by women after their monthly period
[from Hebrew]
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Noun1.mikvah - (Hebrew) a ritual purification and cleansing bath that Orthodox Jews take on certain occasions (as before Sabbath or after menstruation)
bath - you soak and wash your body in a bathtub; "he has a good bath every morning"
Judaism - the monotheistic religion of the Jews having its spiritual and ethical principles embodied chiefly in the Torah and in the Talmud
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Continue reading "Israeli Mikvah Attendants Trained to Identify and Aid Victims of Domestic Violence" at.
The couple hopes to set up an educational framework for Jewish children, a synagogue and a mikvah, or Jewish ritual bath, none of which exist in Iceland, a nation of some 300,000 people.
In Edmonton, there was a confraternity for the study of the Mishnah, in addition to a large synagogue, a new Talmud Torah, and a mikvah.
It opened the Gosforth synagogue in 1986, with the large plot containing a synagogue, a mikvah and a function hall.
He showed me the spot where Alexander Hamilton's Jewish school used to be located - now part of an old garage - and a crumbling stone building that used to be a mikvah, the Sephardic Jews' ritual bath.
So Pogrebin "sukkah-surfs" across Los Angeles, donates clothing as tashlich, sits behind a gendered partition in services, and reads the founding documents of the State of Israel to her accommodating children; she visits a mikvah ahead of the new year, and recreates the feminist seders of her mother's day.
I created my own mikvah ceremony based on Mayyim Hayyim's ceremony for fertility.
Kesher Israel staff alerted police after finding a camera hidden in a clock radio in the area where women would prepare to enter the mikvah.
Prosecutors said the Brooklyn-born Freundel, who headed the synagogue for 25 years, hid cameras in an area where women disrobed for the ritual Jewish bath, known as a mikvah.
The mikvah (ritual bath) is a central motif in this film, and Gitai's depiction of it is as a particularly physical and invasive ritual enacted on the bodies of women.
The film employs imaginative geography as a tool, depicting the poetics of intimate Jewish spaces (home, mikvah, locker room in the Hebrew school) and the banlieue neighbourhood to represent both the internal struggles of its characters and their precarious position in contemporary France.
As BBMP coordinator Rabbi Cooper explained, this is because "Even if the girl's parents don't use a mikvah, we teach them what the mikvah is about, so if they want to use one they know, and even if they don't want to, it will give them the truth - so they will know about it if it comes up in a discussion or they see it in a movie.