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n. pl. mi·la·dies
1. An English noblewoman or gentlewoman.
2. Used as a form of address for such a woman.
3. A chic or fashionable woman.

[French, from English, my lady.]


(mɪˈleɪdɪ) or


n, pl -dies
(formerly) a continental title used for an English gentlewoman


(mɪˈleɪ di)

n., pl. -dies.
1. an English noblewoman.
2. a woman of fashion.
[1830–40; < French < E my lady]
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Noun1.milady - an English noblewomanMilady - an English noblewoman    
noblewoman, peeress, Lady - a woman of the peerage in Britain


[mɪˈleɪdɪ] Nmiladi f


nMylady f, → gnädige Frau
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We are well aware that this term, milady, is only properly used when followed by a family name.
Remember," said Milady, seeing the stranger lay his hand on his sword, "the least delay may ruin everything.
The Comte de la Fere, who had remained a young man to his sixty-second year; the warrior who had preserved his strength in spite of fatigue; his freshness of mind in spite of misfortune, his mild serenity of soul and body in spite of Milady, in spite of Mazarin, in spite of La Valliere; Athos had become an old man in a week, from the moment at which he lost the comfort of his later youth.
Milady cannot fail to have all the success she desires
His Highness the Prince of Saxe Leinitzer has called, milady.
But yes, milady," Annette answered, and disappeared.
He was so strange in his manner, milady, that I thought it best to obey.
Contract award: replacing the lining windows and entrance doors in the house milady horEikove 139, prague 6th
The booking of Sammy Bell should be viewed as a positive looking at her strike-rate for Fahey this season (32 per cent, 9-28) and Milady Eileen races off the same mark as at Southwell when you factor in Bell's 5lb claim.
The King is sitting this episode out in his bed, still sulking about last week's perceived betrayal by Milady, who now finds herself banished from court.
While Milady won't take this snub lying down, both she and Rochefort show tonight just how ruthless they can be.
While Milady won't take this snub Milady won't take this snub W lying down, both she and Rochefort show tonight just how ruthless they can be.