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Variant of mileage.
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Noun1.milage - distance measured in milesmilage - distance measured in miles    
distance - the property created by the space between two objects or points
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5%, with total milage covered increased by around 2%.
Illegal milage adjustment is a serious problem affecting half a million vehicles on our roads, and can lead to dangerous damage in worn cars.
However, the faceless beurocrats responsible for these changes have not taken into account the additional milage we will be compelled to travel.
He said no one would be allowed to score political milage on the name of religion.
IT'S a car with milage that only hints at the adventures it has seen - including befriending mullahs in Iran and driving through Afghanistan and across the front line of a war zone.
People are not venturing out to us because of the extra milage plus the difficulties with the narrow areas of the road used to divert traffic.
Staff at the Tesco Express store on Dixons Bank in Marton, Middlesbrough, helped to raise funds for Diabetes UK by helping to boost milage in a nationwide effort to "cycle" to Lapland.
AskAuto is making an attempt to do that by allowing users the ability to scan the vehicle identification number and get the vehicle's basic information, including average retail cost of the new or used vehicle and EPA milage estimates, according to CUNA Mutual.
One is pricing, second is the milage they can cover and the third is infrastructure," Osamu Masuko, the president of Japanese Mitsubishi, told AFP at the show.
This is a good little trick when worn with killer heels as you add serious milage to your legs, making them look longer and leaner.
Before the team set off on their first leg, a 140-mile trip from Plymouth to Poole, he was in confident mood: "(It's) quite a lot of milage, quite a lot of distance.