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Adj.1.mild-tasting - having a mild taste
tasty - pleasing to the sense of taste; "a tasty morsel"
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Mutton isn't quite as tender and mild-tasting as lamb and does tend to have more fat.
And there are other mild-tasting whole grains that are the slightly nutty, sometimes sweetish, nutritional powerhouses of the carbohydrate world.
It's known as wild spinach because it's a mild-tasting green that reduces greatly in volume when you cook it," says Zachos.
BONUS WINNER: ESTELLE BUSCOMBE, LIVERPOOL ACROSS DOWN 1 In a different place (9) 6 Warning shout made by a golfer about to make a shot (4) 7 Gain possession of, acquire (6) 9 Green gemstones (8) 11 Cheapest accomodation on a passenger ship (8) 13 Savour, enjoy (6) 14 Cyan, eg (4) 15 Explosive mixture used in fireworks (9) 2 Iced fruit dessert (6) 3 Gave a tangible form to (an abstract concept) (8) 4 Mild-tasting Dutch cheese (4) 5 Multi-legged arthropod (9) 6 Three-time Wimbledon tennis champion (4,5) 8 Devotee of a cause (8) 10 Narrative song (6) 12 Obtain by wheedling or cadging (4) SOLUTION to Crossword January 27 ACROSS 1 Capricorn; 6 Milk; 7 Sticky; 9 Charisma; 11 Physique; 13 Aviary; 14 Bald; 15 Broad bean.
With its gentle chocolate aroma, low bitterness and enhanced bouquet, the low roast cocoa liquor is as equally suited to mild-tasting milk chocolate applications as it is to high cocoa percentage indulgent dark chocolates, offering manufactures the versatility to develop unique flavour profiles.
But keep drinking it for its beneficial qualities and think of it as a cup of mild-tasting hot water, if you must.
Pair the mild-tasting Wasa Crispbread with your favorite healthy toppings, try it in place of your morning toast, crumbled into soups or with your choice of dip, during any meal or snack occasion, for a combination that is mentally and physically satisfying and uniquely your own.
While the farm-raised whitefish remains just as popular there today as in the distant past, its mild-tasting, flaky fillets have become increasingly menued by chefs in North America and Europe during recent years.
When it comes to big white ones, I tend to stick to Stuttgarter Giant, though I've had good results from Sturon and mild-tasting old favourite, Ailsa Craig.
The mild-tasting, firm, white-fleshed fish is farm-raised in the South China Sea in special cages developed by the Chinese government and universities that can be covered and submerged up to 10 meters in bad weather.
The mild-tasting extract can then be added to any beverage, thus increasing the possibilities in blends as well.
4 tablespoons mild-tasting extra-virgin olive oil, divided