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1. Having the appearance of millet seeds.
2. Medicine Characterized by the presence of small skin lesions that have the size and appearance of millet seeds.

[From Middle English miliaris, miliari, skin disease characterized by miliary eruptions, from Medieval Latin miliāris, from Latin miliārius, of millet, from milium, millet; see millet.]


1. (Botany) resembling or relating to millet seeds
2. (Pathology) (of a disease or skin eruption) characterized by small lesions resembling millet seeds: miliary tuberculosis.
[C17: from Latin miliārius, from milium millet]


(ˈmɪl iˌɛr i, ˈmɪl yə ri)

1. resembling millet seeds.
2. marked or accompanied by vesicles resembilng millet seeds: miliary tuberculosis.
[1675–85; < Latin miliārius of millet =mili(um) millet + -ārius -ary]


a. miliar, caracterizado-a por pequeños tumores o nódulos.


adj miliar
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A 28-year-old male patient, recently diagnosed with HIV infection and miliary tuberculosis (TB) based on characteristic chest CT findings and positive sputum culture, presented to the emergency department with new onset of ataxia (Figure 1A).
Miliary medalist's second conviction: AN unhappy married life was disclosed in the case of Samuel Fairdon Coop, 41, carter, an old soldier who wore the Military Medal, and was given a most excellent character in the army and by his employer.
False-negative reactions may also be seen in patients with disseminated infection like miliary TB or in immunosuppressed states like severe malnutrition in children or HIV infection.
The grant is part of a US assistance package for the Lebanese miliary, according to an official Lebanese statement.
Morente has backed up his 'mistah' or Philippine Miliary Academy classmate, Immigration intelligence chief Charles Calima, who claimed that Argosino and Robles were extorting money from Lam who was caught hiring 1,316 illegal Chinese workers in an on-line gaming casino in his Fontana Leisure Park and Casino in Clark, Pampanga last Nov.
The point of recruiting a professional army was to cut down on miliary service for conscripts to 14 months from 24.
When Dave Glover first visited the Royal Miliary Tattoo, he was a wide-eyed toddler enthralled by a dashing Queen's Guard at Edinburgh Castle.
4] Hence, miliary TB should always be considered in patients with ARDS of unknown causative factor, particularly if risk factors are present.
There are four major categories of cutaneous tuberculosis: (1) inoculation from an exogenous source (primary inoculation tuberculosis, tuberculosis verrucosa cutis); (2) endogenous cutaneous spread contiguously or by auto-inoculation (scrofuloderma, tuberculosis cutis oroficialis); (3) hematogenous spread to the skin (lupus vulgaris, acute miliary tuberculosis, and tuberculosis ulcer, gumma, or abscess); (4) tuberculids (erythema induratum [Bazin's disease], papulonecrotic tuberculids, and lichen scrofulosorum).
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Specimens from the lungs and other affected tissues and organs with miliary nodules were decontaminated and digested as previously described by Cadmus et al.
Diffuse hepatic involvement with pulmonary or miliary tuberculosis, diffuse hepatic infiltration without recognizable pulmonary involvement is the second form and the third very rare form presents as a focal/local tuberculoma or abscess.