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Noun1.military march - brisk marching music suitable for troops marching in a military parademilitary march - brisk marching music suitable for troops marching in a military parade
marching music, march - genre of music written for marching; "Sousa wrote the best marches"
quickstep - military march accompanying quick time
pibroch - martial music with variations; to be played by bagpipes
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Dorothy kissed Ozma good-bye, and all the people standing around waved their handkerchiefs, and the band in an upper balcony struck up a military march.
This outstanding work ably captures the horror of the Khojaly Massacre, featuring Azerbaijani folk tunes, including "Lachin" and "Sari Gelin" songs, set against a rich orchestral backdrop of military march rhythms and the sounds of conflict.
The Doha Corniche witnessed the largest military march in the history of the country.
The guard of honor marched in front of President Ilham Aliyev and President Rumen Radev to the accompaniment of a military march.
military march music called "Liberty Bell" which was composed by John Philip Sousa in 1893 and made famous by Monty Python.
Fans were treated to a rousing rendition of the traditional Welsh military march Men of Harlech.
Trapeze artists hung from chains or ropes, a band blared out a thumping military march.
The military march dedicated to the Fatherland Defender's Day will be held in Astana on May 7, reported Wednesday the Defense Ministry of Kazakhstan.
Cheers echoed as they struck up a German military march, which was perhaps inappropriate considering the young Joseph Ratzinger was in the Hitler Youth.
With representatives from 90 countries and international organisations in attendance, the two-hour celebration included a military march, the Presidential Palace in Kabul said.
They were presented with certificates by Interior Minister Lieutenant General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa following a military march, featuring RPA students and former graduates.
The proposal has been put forward as the MPs felt that Filipino artists had been changing the anthem's military march melody and beat, and the flag was being made into clothing articles.

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