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Noun1.military press - a weightlift in which the barbell is lifted to shoulder height and then smoothly lifted overheadmilitary press - a weightlift in which the barbell is lifted to shoulder height and then smoothly lifted overhead
weightlift, weightlifting - bodybuilding by exercise that involves lifting weights
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On May 26, an American military press officer confirmed that the Pentagon will no longer acknowledge when its own aircraft are responsible for civilian casualty incidents; rather they will be hidden under the umbrella of the "coalition.
25 in a joint counter terrorism training program at the Prince Naif Security City in Riyadh, a Pakistan military press release revealed.
On Saturday before the government order, Pakistan's army chief called on the civilian government to end the protest while "avoiding violence from both sides", the military press wing said.
But military press officers said there was an 'ongoing rescue operation in the main battle area.
People who raise their arms over their heads, as with the military press, often irritate their rotator cuff muscles and tendons.
For example, the standard upper body resistance exercises for the development of anterior shoulders muscles are the bench press, military press, and close-grip bench press.
Willoughby Verner, [c] 2002, 506 pages, ISBN: 9781843422136, Naval & Military Press, Uckfield, United Kingdom, www.
Chapelle returned home and 10 years passed before she regained military press accreditation, thanks to help from senior marine corps officers who had gotten to know her during World War II--including the corps's commandant, General Lemuel Shepherd.
Muscles worked - Trapezius (Shoulders / Back), Rhomboid & Latissmus Dorsi (Back) and your Biceps (Upper Arm) Military Press -Standing straight have either the bar or dumbbells at shoulder level and push them up towards the ceiling taking care not to fully lock out your elbows.
A representative from the military press office told Daily News Egypt that efforts are ongoing to find them.
The government forces did not make any defeat or advancement to our areas," said Dickson Gatluak Jock, deputy spokesperson and military press assistant to the rebel group.
Moreover, these manifestations of the langue de bois, including its hidden forms that it meets in the Romanian press, reunite in the military press.

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