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A tax rate on property, expressed in mills per dollar of value of the property.


(Banking & Finance) US an American tax rate calculated in thousandths per dollar


(ˈmɪl ɪdʒ)

the tax rate, as for property, assessed in mills per dollar.
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The meeting was concluded with a "thank you" from Blood Drive Committee Chairperson Anita Day to Alice Harris, Kathy Jo Porter, Morgan Picton, Ruth Escalera, Gail Manahan, Debbie Turner, Josh Collins, Larry Day and Christa Millage for their help and support at the Annual Lake Chelan Realtor Blood Drive on April 22.
The Heber Springs High School Auditorium/Band Building, was part of a combination of assignments listed on the District's millage campaign.
At the first public hearing on the millage rate, budget and fire assessment fees on September 12, 2014, the City Commission voted for a total 2014-2015 millage rate of 6.
AP) -- Pulaski Technical College's Board of Trustees has voted to raise tuition and fees at the two-year college after failure of a plan to create a millage rate for the school.
A delivery truck 18' NPR Boxtruct; with very low millage is included in the sale.
The donations were parcelled up into Easter hampers and delivered by workers Nicole Taylor and Leanne Millage to the children's ward at University Hospital, Coventry, as well as Myton Hospices in Coventry and Warwick, and the Zoe's Place, in Exhall.
In cases where the property appraiser denies the application, the applicant may file a petition with the value adjustment board not later than 25 days following the property appraiser's mailing of the "Truth in Millage Notice.
The next consideration that would impact the coating industry more than the other areas would be the automatic reading of millage (coating thickness) coming out of the powder box.
Millage paid as much as $1,200 for a handcrafted horse to as little as $5 for horses picked up at Eugene thrift shops.
Diogu led Arizona State (19-11) with 27 points and 18 rebounds while Curtis Millage added 25.
or millage,(1) applied to the assessed value of property.
The district depends on new levies because existing millage rates cannot be adjusted for tax base declines, and do not benefit from tax base increases.