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 (mēl-flûr′, -flo͝or′)
Having a background with a pattern of flowers and plants.

[From French (de) mille fleurs, (de) mille-fleurs, (of) a thousand flowers : mille, thousand (from Old French milie, thousands, from Latin mīlia, pl. of mīlle, thousand; see gheslo- in Indo-European roots) + fleurs, pl. of fleur, flower; see enfleurage.]


(Architecture) art having a millefleurs design


(milˈflɜr, -ˈflʊər)

having a background sprinkled with representations of flowers, as certain tapestries or pieces of glasswork.
[1905–10; < French mille fleurs literally, thousand flowers]
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50; Black hens PS17; Rhose Island Red PS14; Trio Millefleur Bantam PS45; Trio Silver Sponged Appenzeller PS42; Trio Chocolate Mottled Pekin PS32; Pair Orpingtons PS48; 2 Guinea hens PS50; Pair Muscovy PS22; Aylesbury ducks PS8; Harlequin PS8; Pr Emden Geese PS25; Pair Call ducks PS48; 6 Khaki Campbell ducklings PS48; Duck & ducklings PS35.
They sang hymns to Strammle, the outrageously bedecked colonialist who had perfected the millefleur technique to distract the gingival natives from the sores festooned upon the whole of their bodies, exposed as they were to the globs of radiculum that emanated from the mine.
Countless details go into the project, even before the actual work begins: contracting with dyers and wool spinners, laying in a supply of thread and ensuring that the dye lots remain consistent, hiring extra craftsmen to weave a fashionable millefleur background of flowers and animals.
At the upcoming markets, Claire Murray will show Millefleur, a sophisticated floral style offered in a black, white or sage background, and in accent and area rug sizes.