[Italian millepora : mille, thousand (from Latin mīlle, thousand; see gheslo- in Indo-European roots) + -pora (alteration of poro, tufa, pore; see madrepore).]


(Animals) any tropical colonial coral-like medusoid hydrozoan of the order Milleporina, esp of the genus Millepora, having a calcareous skeleton
[C18: from New Latin, from Latin mille thousand + porus hole]


(ˈmɪl əˌpɔr, -ˌpoʊr)

a hydrozoan of the genus Millepora that inhabits tropical seas and builds perforated corallike reefs.
[1745–55; < New Latin, = Latin mille thousand + -pora passage; see pore2]
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Briefly, the brain sections were washed of cryoprotectant and placed into primary antibody solutions for GFAP (AB5804, 1:4000 dilution; Millepore, Billerica, MA) or IBA-1 (016-20001, 1:5000; Wako Chemicals USA, Richmond, VA) for 24 hr.
Indo-Australian-Archipelago biodiversity hotspot) and give an unprecedented view of millepore ecological functioning.
Sequences belonging to the barnacle Wanella millepore were found in 10 different lesion samples, but only from 2 locations.
their] fallen trees in every possible stage of decay," (11) but she also could see and name, as Dickens apparently could not, individual trees, shrubs, herbs, and flowers: The beech, the chestnut, the tulip tree, the palmetto, pawpaw, the pennyroyal, even the millepore.
Pollution study of Hilo Bay using the millepore filtration method.