miller's thumb

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mill·er's thumb

Any of several small freshwater sculpins of the genus Cottus, having a large spiny head and spiny fins, especially the European species C. gobio.

[From its stocky, thumblike shape (the phrase miller's thumb was originally a folk expression referring to millers who gave short weight by tipping the scales with their thumbs).]

miller's thumb

(Animals) any of several small freshwater European fishes of the genus Cottus, esp C. gobio, having a flattened body: family Cottidae (bullheads, etc)
[C15: from the alleged likeness of the fish's head to a thumb]
References in classic literature ?
He often would Hurly-burly Get up early And go By hook or crook To the brook, And bring home Miller's Thumb, Tittlebat Not over fat, Minnows small As the stall Of a glove, Not above The size Of a nice Little baby's Little fingers.
and Sienna Miller's thumbs have been taking a real battering.