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The rapid stream of water flowing in a millrace.


a stream of water used to turn a millwheel



1. the stream in a millrace.


[ˈmɪlstriːm] Ncorriente f del caz
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SCHOOLCHILDREN in Kenya, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe are to benefit from IT equipment donated by Aberdeenbased electronic tendering specialist Millstream.
ELECTRONIC tendering provider Millstream has been awarded a contract to run Wales' national e-procurement database, handling tenders worth around PS4.
Birmingham City Council bought the site in the 1980s and it was made part of the Millstream Project (aka the Shire Country Park from 2005) which follows the River Cole towards Hall Green and Yardley Wood.
Up at the crack of dawn on Sunday, I thought I'd maximise the rich light possibilities of a spectacularly dull morning by walking between Scribers Lane and Baldwins Lane at their Yardley Wood entrances - a little known part of the Millstream Way that I haven't walked before.
Last month, the High Court ordered a company in Northern Ireland, O'Neill Fuels, to pay damages of nearly EUR39million to Millstream Recycling Ltd, based in Co Wexford.
Wexford company Millstream Recycling was given the go-ahead by the court to sue those alleged to have supplied the oil.
1 December 2009 -- Millstream Recycling Ltd has claimed dioxin-polluted animal feed was contaminated by recycled 40-year-old fuel oil, it was reported today.
SF (UK) Ltd, trading as British Gas, of Millstream, Maidenhead Road in Windsor, was fined pounds 35,000 with pounds 65,000 costs at St Albans Crown Court yesterday.
Centrica plc, Millstream, Maidenhead Road, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 5GD, +44(0)845-072-8001
A spokesman for Millstream Power Recycling said the oil being tested by officials was put in a machine used to dry the animal feed and has never been added as an ingredient at any stage.
Investigations have revealed that breadcrumbs used in an animal feed distributed by licensed supplier, Millstream Power Recycling, tested positive for the banned contaminants.
Despite the objections of package store owners who argued that extending one store's hours would likely force them to do the same, commissioners said their recent decision to extend Millstream Liquor's hours - to 8 p.