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One that designs, builds, or repairs mills or mill machinery.


a person who designs, builds, or repairs grain mills or mill machinery



1. a person who erects the machinery of a mill.
2. a person who designs and erects mills and mill machinery.
3. a person who maintains and repairs machinery in a mill.
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Noun1.millwright - a workman who designs or erects mills and milling machinerymillwright - a workman who designs or erects mills and milling machinery
wright - someone who makes or repairs something (usually used in combination)
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He has some work through his local millwrights union, working by phone as a mechanical contractor.
In business for 33 years a Certified General Contractor with welders fitters millwrights & mechanicstrained on laser alignment/leveling and setting of large ovens kilns presses mixers proofers extruders formers elevators chillers incubators & dryers They have cranes forklifts trucks etc Plastics fertilizer pharmaceuticals baking, citrus food and beverage phosphates tile cement mortar & grout bulk storage & handling waste water treatment metal extrusion facilities laundry foundries & agricultural ind.
In August, almost two dozen millwrights and heavy-duty equipment technician apprentices started full-time jobs at Vale's Sudbury operations.
Leave it to a bunch of carpenters to build one of the largest training facilities in the Midwest for future carpenters, millwrights and floor coverers.
Specifically, exhibitors now have the right to assembly all machinery with their own full-time employees, rather than having to wait for local carpenters or millwrights.
In Alaska, skilled core drillers and millwrights who provide support to the mining, and oil and gas industries are in such high demand that the University of Alaska added training programs.
They explore the wetland's boating tradition and meet millwrights hoping to keep the ancient trade alive.
Building on the success of last season's sports marketing campaign at Shea Stadium, Union Carpenters and Contractors have continued its partnership with the team to highlight the benefits of using the skilled work of carpenters, dock builders, millwrights, timber men, cabinetmakers and floor coverers.
The petrol pump has disappeared and the Hunt and Edmunds sign has been painted over, but The Millwrights Arms still appears to be thriving on what is now a busy thoroughfare.
Yet information about shaft alignment is not taught in any high schools or junior colleges or any courses for engineers, mechanics, millwrights, pipe fitters, or electricians.
Whenever we engage in a new task at the mill, it always increases our respect for the skill of the millwrights who built and maintained these places in former days.
Included are 77 skilled tradesmen, such as tool-and-die makers, millwrights and electricians.