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a. A form of ancient Greek and Roman theatrical entertainment in which familiar characters and situations were farcically portrayed on stage, often with coarse dialogue and ludicrous actions.
b. A performance of or dialogue for such an entertainment.
c. A performer in a mime.
2. A modern performer who specializes in comic mimicry.
a. The art of portraying characters and acting out situations or a narrative by gestures and body movement without the use of words; pantomime.
b. A performance of pantomime.
c. An actor or actress skilled in pantomime.
v. mimed, mim·ing, mimes
1. To ridicule by imitation; mimic.
2. To act out with gestures and body movement.
1. To act as a mimic.
2. To portray characters and situations by gesture and body movement.

[Latin mīmus, from Greek mīmos.]

mim′er n.


n. Computers
A communications protocol that allows for the transmission of data in many forms, such as audio, binary, or video.

[M(ultipurpose) I(nternet) M(ail) E(xtensions).]
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Noun1.mimer - an actor who communicates entirely by gesture and facial expressionmimer - an actor who communicates entirely by gesture and facial expression
actor, histrion, thespian, role player, player - a theatrical performer
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The agreement includes weeding of Residential AB Mimer AB~s surfaces on SkEnlby, BEnckby, Frederiksberg, Vetter Torp, Vetterlund, Oxbacken, Stohagen and PettersbergsvEngen.
L'aspect scannographique d'un abces renal peut mimer une tumeur necrosee avec une neovascularisation peripherique, mais souvent le contexte clinico-biologique est evocateur et on trouve habituellement sur le scanner des signes de nephrite et de perinephrite associes (5).
Raconter, resumer, se rememorer les sequences et les details, mimer les gestes et les voix du film sont autant de manieres pour prolonger la magie de la realite filmique indienne dans la realite marocaine.
As 24-year-old Monica Michael sang a dreary dirge about how much she loves her sister, the mimer formerly known as Cole decided to turn on her trademark waterworks.
Italian comedian, juggler and mimer Andrea Farnetani can be seen entertaining crowds with his balancing acts using newspapers, cups, spoons and eggs, while another performer Ben Renard from France enthrals people with his swinging and acrobatic bike skills.
Selon Eliade encore une fois, ces rites, ou le neophyte est amene a mimer la position de l'embryon, participent d'un "retour a l'origine" et preparent la voie a une nouvelle naissance ou re-naissance mystique (Aspects 104-05).
Do Kadam' theatre group from Jaipur enacted a play 'The King and the Beggar' based on Tagore's Gitanjali while The Mimer from Kerala staged 'Khokababur Pratyabartan' based on Tagore's 'The Child's Return.